What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your brand, product, or service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


What sort of results can be expected out of the SEO campaign?

Improvement in ranks will lead to increase in relevant traffic from various sources.

  • More Traffic = More Leads

  • More Leads = More conversions.


How long it normally take to see SEO result?

When a browser conducts a search, they will be confronted by both organic results and paid results (those which are highlighted and usually placed on the very top or right-hand side of the page). While Paid Advertising is a great way to get you in front of people quickly, it is the quest of every business to achieve first-page, organic-SEO results because you no longer need to pay every time someone clicks on your site.


How often do I need to do SEO?

SEO is not a one-time effort, most SEO experts would recommend it as a long-term marketing strategy. Website owners will need to keep track of their websites and it’s ranking all the time.
With so many changing parts, such as link degradation, evolving search engine algorithms, outdated content, and competition from other companies in your industry, SEO requires an ongoing commitment. Despite that, SEO offers a better ROI than most traditional marketing.


Does being mobile-friendly improve my SEO?

Yes and no. Ever since Google’s algorithm change, Google has taken into consideration the mobile-friendliness of a webpage in page ranking. But this only applies to search done on mobile-devices and do not affect the search rankings on desktop or laptops.However, with the increasing number of mobile users, it is only wise to optimize your website for mobile devices.


What should I expect after investing money and time for six months?

Although we have projects where we have delivered good results within 2 months, but realistically we can expect around 30-40% of keywords on the 1st page of search engines. Organic SEO takes time as we will be earning ranks & not buying them. Any legitimate company will quote around the same time. Anything earlier than this will be a bonus.


What will be the process after I sign up ?

I. After sign up, we will start on your SEO project. Our SEO team will have a quick communication regarding SEO friendlyness       required on the web pages of website.
II. His team will subsequently start with the review & competitor’s analysis.
III. Once completed, the SEO PM will then send you the most likely keywords to be optimized.
IV. Our SEO team will start rank review of most IMP keywords and position and startegy of compititors.


Do I need to sign any contract with your company?

The answer is, not really! We don’t believe in bounding our clients with any sort of contract as we simply believe that quality work lasts longer than a contract. Hence, we prefer going by it.


Should we give guarantees for first place ranking ?

No. Never! SEO is not an exact science and no one can guarantee that you will reach the first page or top three positions within a few weeks or months. Those that give such guarantees are scammers trying to take advantage of people with little SEO knowledge.

Is your work in-line with the latest updates of Google algorithms?

Absolutely, our team spends a lot of time in researching about latest developments in the SEO world; hence our work is always abreast with latest updates of Google algorithms.


What is SMO?

SMO (Social Media Optimization), is related to internet marketing on several online media by smart way. SMO managed facilities and services helps to improve a brand's visibility online and increase traffic on the website Click Here to get more information on Social Media Optimization.


Will my website always stay on the top ranking once you have optimized it?

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic process and one cannot expect to maintain its top position all the time, although we put our best efforts to maintain the same. Since it depends on 100’s of website and search engine factors and also on your competitor’s website, any genuine SEO company will never say that you will always be at the top for your industry keywords.

Will an SSL certificate give me an SEO boost?

Having a secure certified website will have a slightly more advantage for e-commerce websites. The impact is very low, though.

Is SEO changing?

Yes, SEO is changing as we speak. Techniques that used to work a few years ago are now outdated. Google is releasing smarter algorithms that reward websites that provide the best user experience.

What is the future for SEO?

SEO will never die. There will always be a way to rank websites in search engines, whether it’s Google, Yahoo or other search engines. As long as search engines will exist, SEO will live as well.

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