Live Streaming FAQ'S

What is live streaming?

On chew, we see live streaming as being the broadcast of live video and audio content over the internet.


What's involved in a Webcast?

In simple terms, for a live webcast, we bring cameras, sound and webcasting transmission equipment to a venue where you are hosting an event, function or meeting that you want to transmit to an audience over the internet. We connect the equipment into that venue?s Internet connection. You publicise the webcast to your Intended audience in advance of the live broadcast. After transmission you can choose to have the webcast left on the Internet for a length of time so that people who were unable to view it live can watch it at their leisure.


What are the minimum technical requirements for viewing Livestream content?

Adobe Flash Player 10.0.32 or above
- Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, or Safari 3.0, or Chrome 4.0 or above.
- Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista, Macintosh OS X v10.4 or above, or Linux.
- 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM - 512 MB recommended.
- JavaScript and Cookies must also be enabled.
- Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution.
- 16-bit sound card.
- Speakers/headphones.


What is the minimum internet connection speed required for viewing Livestream content / How can I test my connection speed?

- For a reliable viewing experience at medium quality we recommend a downstream connection speed of at least 700Kbps.
- Viewers can select a higher (up to 2Mbps for HD) or lower (198Kbps for low) video quality on the player depending on the connection speed.
- Viewers can test their connection speed by visiting, we recommend testing several times as bandwidth can fluctuate.


What is the maximum number of viewers who can watch my channel?

We currently don't have any theoretical upper limit for the number of viewers on a Premium or Verified channel. The maximum number of concurrent viewers that we've observed on one channel has been in excess of 100,000.
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What type of connection should I use to stream?

While WiFi is often as fast as a wired connection, a wired connection is generally much more stable. Where possible, we recommend using a wired connection to stream through Chew. We also suggest testing your connection strength before you Go Live; using a tool like
On mobile, WiFi streaming is recommended over 3G. However, if you have a 4G-enabled phone and strong, consistent signal then 4G may be better than using a shared WiFi connection. Again, check the signal strength before you start streaming, perhaps using the app.


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